• 5 Axis Multitasking CNC

    At TNN we operate a state of the art MAZAK Integrex 300. This is a multi-tasking CNC machine which is a combination of a CNC lathe and CNC mill. It is designed to complete parts in one operation.  It can machine all six sides of a part in one setup.

  • Metal Cutting & Guillotining

    Guillotines create accurate and consistent straight cuts on sheet material. Guillotine cut edges are crisp and clean and there are no affected zones or warping from heat. We can cut most metallic materials.

  • Welding

    Welders join metallic materials together using heat and filler material. At TNN Engineering we can weld a variety of materials and we have numerous machines and processes that we use for welding.

  • Sand Blasting

    Sand blasting uses compressed air and blasting media to prepare and clean part surfaces. Special “sand” and grit is blasted at the surface to remove rust, scale and to provide an even uniform surface which is an ideal preparation for painting or powder coating.

  • Fitting & Assembly

    As well as manufacturing your parts, we can also fit and assemble your components to deliver a finished product. 



  • CNC Machining Centres

    TNN have a range of CNC machining centres to cater for jobs up to 1000mm long.  We have 3 axis and 4 axis machines for rotary milling. We currently have 4 CNC machining centres.  Our machines have quick and powerful conversational programming that allows quick setup and changes to programs. 

  • Metal Folding Press Brake

    Section rolling machines can form curves in steel sections.  This included flats, rounds, angles, RHS, pipe and reo. Rolled sections are used to produce fabricated items.


  • Cutting & Cropping

    Multi-function metal working machines are used to efficiently cut, crop, punch and bend steel.  It is mainly used to process flat steel sections but can also accommodate angle, rounds, and square sections.

  • Silver Brazing

    Brazing is used to join two or more close-fitting parts using a filler metal that is heated to melting point and is allowed to flow into the space between the parts by capillary action.  The filler metal has a much lower melting temperature than the parts being joined. 

  • Lifting & Handling

    We are equipped and ready to receive and send your parts.  Our premises has Semi-trailer access and hard stand areas for unloading. Accessories such as fork extensions and jibs allow us to handle large and awkward jobs.

  • CNC Lathes

    We have a range of CNC lathes which allows us to cover a wide range of turning operations including; Hyundai HiTurn 15, AlexTech Viper VT30, Mazak Integrex 300.

  • Section Rolling Machine

    Section rolling machines can form curves in steel sections.  This included flats, rounds, angles, RHS, pipe and reo. Rolled sections are used to produce fabricated items.


  • Automatic Bandsaw

    Our fully automatic Bandsaws are used to cut long blank material up to 400mm wide into required lengths accurately and consistently for further processing for our CNC machines and for welded fabrications.


  • Keyway Slotting & Broaching

    Keyways are used to transfer torque and are found on shafts and inside bores and holes. We have a range of broaches to cut most standard internal keyways.  For special sizes and larger internal keyways, we also have a slotting machine. External keyways are cut on our precision CNC milling machines.  We can also supply and cut the key to suit the keyways as required.