TNN Engineering is a competitive and reliable precision CNC machining and manufacturing service specialising in small run components and assemblies. We believe in efficiently transforming your ideas and drawings into tangible components which are accurate and functional.

“The business itself is family owned and consistently pushes the boundaries of engineering to new platforms, providing precision CNC machined parts to the mining, civil, materials handling, agricultural and civil industries.”

From humble beginnings as a one man business, in the good early old days, TNN Engineering’s first components were crafted from a garage underneath the family home in Brisbane. Starting in 1990, the business was run by one man, Thang Hua, and today it is Thang’s son, Tin Hua who spearheads the family business.

The Hua family arrived in Brisbane in 1980 as refugees from Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City), settling in Brisbane’s West End. Thang supported his growing family by sweeping floors at Warman International, a large mining manufacturer. Despite his basic grasp of English, he was gratefully eager to apply himself to any opportunities that were offered.

Starting with a chance to operate a drill press, it wasn’t long before he showed his proficiency on most of the machines in the workshop. With over a decade of experience as a fitter and turner in Vietnam, he was able to apply unorthodox, yet highly productive and efficient methods, for completing his jobs. As a valuable employee he received assistance in gaining his trade certificate as a Fitter and Turner.

When Thang was made redundant in the downturn of the late 1980’s, he put all of his life savings into purchasing a small 6” Lathe and a basic Drill Press. This allowed him to start contract work for his former employer.

Both Tin and brother, Le recall cleaning and oiling these machines as part of their chores. The original lathe is still used practically every day and has been for the last 25 years, training numerous apprentices over the years including both Tin and Le Hua.

The business grew steadily and moved to a rural property in Richlands in 1994 which allowed space to add to the company’s first CNC machines, a CNC Milling machine and a CNC Lathe were purchased. At the time each machine cost about the same as an average house.

Along with the original trusted Lathe machine taking pride of place, TNN Engineering expanded and now boasts a diverse range of machine tools at its 2000 sqm facility at Carole Park, Brisbane.

Today TNN Engineering employs 16 team members, has a fleet of eight CNC machines and supplies components to clients such as Sandvik Mining and Construction, Visy, Tellam Civil Products, Queensland Rail and QGC.

“TNN Engineering has been born from dedication, innovation, continuous improvement and considerable development.These are core practices that remain today which has led to the business growing considerably over the years and delivering world class practices.”

In recent years, TNN Engineering, has actively implemented lean methodologies as well as using an ERP system to manage the production process.

TNN Engineering has adapted to the changing manufacturing landscape offering flexibility, agility and innovation. Alongside the humble 6” Lathe, the workshop boasts a 3d Printer which enables the business to print small plastic components for prototyping and design verification.

TNN Engineering believes in a healthy manufacturing industry in Australia and that the business and team should take pride in the skills and ability to produce world class products in Australia. The motivated and ambitious team pride themselves on the highest level of quality, reliability and consistent value that they deliver to all customers.