These are some common products that we manufacture for our customers.  We can manufacture to standard specification or modify to suit your requirements.

Main Roads – Crown Unit Holding Down Anchors, dwg 1320

We manufacture and stock hold down brackets made to Main Roads specification dwg 1320.  These brackets are made from heavy duty 200x200x16 Angle and have precision machined slots.  They are supplied Hot Dip Galvanized and ready to use.

“These brackets are used to anchor and hold large concrete culvert structures.  We can also accommodate any changes you may require such as different size or position of the slots.”

If you have an urgent requirement we generally have brackets in stock for immediate delivery.

UMS 321 Top Slab Anchor Brackets

These brackets are used to secure the top slab covers on sewer manholes.  They are made from 75x12mm corrosion resistant 316 Stainless Steel and have two 18mm holes to suit M16 masonry anchors.

At TNN we carry these brackets in stock and larger quantities take 1 week to manufacture.

Dome Grates to UMS340

TNN Engineering can provide high flow Dome Grate covers to any specification you require.  Because we manufacture our grates locally, we can cater for any special requirements you may have.  These include:

  • Hinged and Lockable legs for ease of access
  • Large multi-part dome grates
  • Designs for slopes or awkard pit elevations.

Our grates are supplied Hot Dip Galvanised but can also be supplied black or powder coated by request.

The most common standards that we manufacture to are:

  • Brisbane City Council (BCC) UMS 340 standard for Field Inlet Dome Top Covers,
  • PRSC Pine Rivers Shire Council, dwg 30012
  • Gold Coast City Council.
  • QUDM Queensland Urban Drainage Manual

UMS 337 Field inlet grates type 1 and 2

These heavy duty inlet grates can be supplied on legs or with a frame.  As well as the standard sizes, TNN can also supply special sized inlet grates in the same style and construction.  We have made small 600×600 grates and large 4 part inlets 2400×2400 in size.

Locking Park Rails

Locking rails or park rails are used to control vehicle access to parks and public areas.  They are most commonly supplied to the IPWEA specification and can also be manufactured to local government requirements.

They are supplied in a hot dip galvanized finish and can be powder coated on request.  Custom designs or lengths can also be accommodated and take an average of 2-3 weeks to complete.