TNN Engineering was established in 1994 and has grown considerably from humble beginnings.  The business was started with one small lathe which is still regularly used.  Today TNN boasts a large fleet of modern CNC machines including the latest multi-tasking CNC machines.

During the past decade we have seen many changes to the manufacturing industry in Australia.  There has been a shift with how CNC machines are used.  Traditionally they were used for high production, large batch size jobs.  CNC’s are now used for much smaller runs and one off jobs.
TNN specializes in CNC machining of smaller batch size components, typically between 1-100 parts.  We have seen the shift to smaller orders more often and have adapted our processes to deliver this.

Today TNN offers a quick response, short run CNC machining and fabrication service.  We provide precision manufactured products to a wide range of industries and is committed to improving the efficiency of manufacturing components in Australia.  To this end we are focused on training, technology and building beneficial customer relationships so that we can support and grow a strong manufacturing industry in Australia.

TNN Engineering has developed and manufactured a tool which hopes to revolutionise the way in which 1KD engines are tested. The 1KD engine to those unfamiliar with the product, is a 3.0 litre D4D diesel engine most commonly found in many Toyota vehicles such as the Hilux, Prado and the Hiace. Traditionally, testing the compression […]

At TNN we’ve recently installed 30kw of solar panels.  We believe in the power of green energy, in staying ahead of the trends and leading in innovation. Here they are on the roof of our warehouse. There is an endless list of benefits in going green with solar energy, mainly reducing your carbon footprint and […]

At TNN we are genuinely excited about the projects clients bring to us. We recently struck gold in terms of dream clients when Dynamoto came to us with some very exciting designs! So how did we help? We helped produce the prototype for Dynamoto’s innovative design by: Assisting with prototype production of machined components 3D Printing of […]

Reverse engineering is a process of making a new part from an existing part.  Sometimes this existing part maybe worn, broken or bent.  By consulting with our customers and by understanding the intended function and purpose of the part, we are able to create a new part with the same or improved functionality. A recent […]

TNN Engineering can supply an EGR blanking plate for the Toyota 1kd diesel motor.  The plate laser cut from 1.5mm 304 stainless steel with a 7mm restriction hole. If you would like to purchase directly please email You can also purchase at this ebay link. These are made in Brisbane and are available for pickup or […]

Did you know that TNN Engineering has been making concrete moulds and forms for over 10 years.  We recently have had increased demand for Concrete Manhole Forms for onsite pouring and setting. Our most popular sizes have been 900 dia inside x 1200 dia outside x 1500 high 1200 dia inside x 1500 dia outside […]

TNN Engineering have added another CNC Lathe to our fleet of machine tools.  We have owned and operatered CNC machines from Japan, Korea and Taiwan.  For our newest machine we have decided to purchase another Hyundai machine.  Our first ever CNC lathe was a Hyundai from Korea and it is still in service today.  You […]

TNN Engineering can weld bronze to steel.  We use a MIG (GMAW) process to deposit welds onto steel or bronze parts. This process is particularly useful for adding bronze bearing surfaces to steel components.  A pad of bronzes is welded to the steel part and then machined back to required shape.  This provides excellent adhesion […]

There has been a lot of news in the media about the large investment boom and how we are reaching the peak of capital spending.  This should mean that there would be a lot of work and activity in the market place.  However a lot of business are experiencing very patchy conditions and are struggling […]

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