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At TNN we operate a state-of-the-art MAZAK Integrex 300. This is a multi-tasking CNC machine which is a combination of a CNC lathe and CNC mill.
We can process machined components on this machine more cost effectively due to the following advantages.
Reduced cycle times
Reduced setup times
Higher accuracy due to having turning and milling done in the same setup
Shorter lead times
Less work in progress
Up to 5 axis machining

By combining turning and milling operations in the one machine, parts can be fully machined and completed in one operation.  The clever layout and design of the machine allows all six sides of a component to be machined in one setup. This principle is call “Done in one” and has many advantages.

The machine has two turning spindles and a tilt-able milling head.  The two spindles allow turning of both the front and back of the part and the machine automatically passes the part to the second spindle when required.  The milling spindle is capable of all milling functions and can operate on both the main spindle and sub spindle. Drilling, tapping and machining of faces and contours can be done on the orthogonal faces or on a tilted plane. Milling and drilling on a tilted plane is traditionally a cumbersome operation. The Mazak Integrex makes this process easy, efficient and more accurate.

The machine can call upon 40 different tools which are stored in the machine. While most jobs do not need this many tools, it allows reduction in setup time due to the fact that tools are setup, calibrated and ready to be used. The controller and programming methodology of the machine also reduces setup times. What this means for our customers is that small batches become more economical and viable. Smaller batches mean less inventory and work in progress allowing our customers to get a better return on their working capital.

Having all machining done on the one machine enables reductions in cycle times which means a reduction in component costs. This is achieved by eliminating the need to move the component to different machines to complete different processes. There is no handling time or queuing time. In most cases, you will have a completed functional part every time the machine is loaded and unloaded.

Being able to complete turning and milling in the one work holding allows for greater accuracy. Every time a part is unmount, unclamped or moved to another operation, there is a chance for variation in positioning and accuracy. The Mazak Integrex can eliminate as many as 6 different operations which means a more accurate part completed in less time.

Our customers reap these advantages on simple and more complex components. If your parts are currently being produced on more traditional machines, there is an opportunity to reduce your component costs while increasing overall quality and consistency of your part.

Mazak Integrex 300
This multi-tasking machine is a combination of a lathe and milling machine.
This allows parts to be finished in one operation.
5 axis machining
Twin spindles with automatic change over
High speed milling spindle with B-axis indexing
500mm diameter x 1500mm long turning capacity
Completed parts with turning, drilling and milling on one setup and operation


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