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TNN Engineering

TNN Engineering is a family owned metal manufacturing and precision engineering business that has been operating since 1994. TNN began as a one man machine shop in Brisbane working from a garage underneath the family home. From these humble beginnings, TNN now operates a fleet of modern CNC machines and provides precision CNC machining to the Mining, Automotive, Agricultural and Civil industries.

machine shop brisbane 30 Years long

TNN Engineering is machine shop in Brisbane that provides metal manufacturing & precision engineering for civil, mining, automotive and agricultural industries. Located in Carole Park, Brisbane, TNN has invested in modern machine tools and processes to provide capabilities and consistency to our customers. Our machine shop has a range of CNC Lathes and Mills, including a 5 Axis Multi-tasking Lathe which can complete complex turning and milling operations in one setup. This improves quality while reducing setup and machining time.

At TNN Engineering, we have always believed in a culture of Continuous Improvement. This applies to all aspects of our business. To this end, TNN embraces Lean methodologies to reduce waste and improve efficiency. Central to our operations is our comprehensive ERP system. This allows us to manage the entire process from enquiry to delivery ensuring consistency and traceability. Combined with our ISO quality certification, we can take the stress and uncertainty out of getting your parts made.

TNN has been built on our experience with precision engineering and metal manufacturing.  Our machine shop in Brisbane has extensive capabilities in CNC machining and steel and metal fabrication.  To adapt and serve our customers changing needs we are developing new capabilities and now also offer 3D scanning, 3D printing and 3D machining. We also complement our services with carefully selected manufacturing partners so we can offer a one stop shop to get your parts created. We bring Mind to Metal.

Mind to Metal Process

STEP 1 – Define
Understand the Requirement

  • Share your drawings, parts or ideas
  • We listen and ask questions

STEP 2 – Outline
Agreement of Expectations

  • Provide a prompt quote with lead times
  • If required, we will develop drawings to confirm expectations
  • OK to proceed, Purchase Order please

STEP 3 – Planning
Clarify and Confirm

  • Schedule job and confirm material availability
  • Confirm delivery date and send written confirmation
  • Communicate and adapt to you requirements

STEP 4 – Craft
Capabilities and Capacity

  • Skillfull creation of your component
  • Careful management of partner processes
  • Quality checks and certification

STEP 5 – Deliver
Completion and Flow

  • Pickup your parts or we can pack and ship
  • Local or worldwide
  • Put your parts to work to keep your business or machines moving

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Machines and Processes

TNN Engineering - Machine Shop In Brisbane

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CNC Milling

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CNC Lathes

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5 Axis Multitasking CNC

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Fitting and Assembly

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What makes us special

Brisbane based engineering business providing components and services Australia wide

TNN Engineering is based in Carole Park in the western suburbs of Brisbane.

We have been supporting local customers with CNC machining and fabrication services for over 25 years. TNN has become an important partner for our customers’ precision engineering and metal manufacturing requirements.  Our reach and customer base have grown, and we now provide components and services to customers across Australia including WA, Victoria and Cairns. Our foundations have been built on supplying reliable and competitive parts and assemblies to the mining industry.

 We take pride in supporting Australian manufacturing, particularly in the areas of steel and metal manufacturing and precision engineering.

We are now involved in a wide range of industries including:
Materials handling
Building and construction
Plate processing
Pre-cast concrete
Automotive accessories
Civil Steelwork
Research and development
Electrical Switchboards

Machining and Fabrication is what we do, but we know that’s not really why our customers rely on TNN Engineering for their components. We understand that our clients ultimately want to feel certainty and confidence about the service and products we provide them. This is what we would expect from our own suppliers. Predictability and reliability just make life so much easier. 


Although we are a Brisbane based machine shop, we pride ourselves on being able to provide a reliable service to customers Australia wide.

We believe to achieve this we need to deliver in the following areas:
Exceptional Customer Service – Great communication
Quality – Creating parts that work first time
On time delivery – Respecting your time and schedules

We will give you the confidence to execute your schedules and deliver outcomes for your clients.

From humble beginnings in a residential garage, TNN Engineering now operates from a 4000 sqm facility in the established industrial area of Carole Park. We are conveniently located in the western suburbs of Brisbane nearby major arterial roads, key suppliers and supporting manufacturing partners. With 1500sqm under the roof, we boast a significant investment in machine tools and metal manufacturing processes.

Our precision engineering machining facilities consist of numerous high precision CNC milling machines and lathes. This is supported by our metal and steel fabrication facilities with an extensive array of machines to allow us to shape, machine and weld your components on site.  Metal manufacturing technologies are continuously evolving, so to remain competitive and relevant, TNN is always evaluating and investing in new capabilities and processes.

We also embrace the digital aspect of providing an agile precision engineering service. We operate a comprehensive IT network which runs our manufacturing specific ERP system and CAD systems. We operate the latest 3D CAD programs and computer aided metal manufacturing software. This allows us to accept drawings and models from a variety of formats.

We welcome you to come and inspect our Engineering Facilities. We believe in a Clean and Lean workplace which improves efficiency and safety. We’d be more than happy to show you around our machine shop in Brisbane.

Everyone appreciates quality. At TNN we have committed to providing not only quality products but a consistent and high standard of customer service. To ensure this outcome, TNN has adopted the ISO9001 quality management practices and has achieved certification of its systems and processes.

To achieve this means we have committed to developing, documenting and improving our business processes. Our quality system develops the discipline and habits that produces quality outcomes and continuous improvement.

Henry Ford famously said that “Quality is doing it right when no-one else is looking”. At TNN, quality is built into our processes and culture. Our team understands that embracing the quality process is the quickest most efficient way to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Metal manufacturing technology and process have had a huge affect on our way of life and standard of living. Metal manufacturing has been in our DNA and we love seeing how our parts are used and applied in a wide range of industries. Australia has a proud tradition of innovating and creating products and brands that have become household names. Unfortunately, it seems that manufacturing in general as well as metal manufacturing has not been nurtured and developed and we now see manufacturing and the associated business leave our shores. We would like to change this.

I recall as a child, visiting the factory that my father worked in. He showed me the machines they were building and the transformation of raw metal into finely crafted precision components. I was proud to be able to point and proclaim that my Dad made that, or he could easily make that.

Mastery and expertise is valued and nurtured at TNN. Our skilled team members enjoy developing their skills so the difficult becomes easy and the knowledge and capability can be retained and passed on.

We want this for our clients too. We want to create pride in a nation that can create world class products. To develop and nurture manufacturing skills, capability and mastery that is recognised worldwide. If Japan and Germany can have a highly regarded manufacturing industry, we can too.

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