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The predominant and most efficient method of welding is MIG welding. We have the latest Pulse MIG welders which are computer controlled for more consistent welds with less distortion and better penetration.
Welding joins metallic materials together using heat and filler material. At TNN Engineering we can weld a variety of materials including:
Mild Steel
High Tensile Steel
Bisalloy wear plate
Stainless Steel
Cast Iron
We have numerous machines and processes that we use for welding which include:
MIG welders, GMAW
TIG welders, GTAW
Pulse MIG welders

Experienced Welding Services

Welding is a very useful and flexible process for joining materials together to create the components. One of the reasons why steel is such a widely used material in manufacturing is because of the ease and reliability with which it can be joined by welding. The metals are joined together using a heat source. This heat source can be supplied by chemicals, fuel, friction or electricity. Most welding processes use electricity due to the ease and flexibility it offers. The heat melts the steel components to be joined which then fuse together once the steel cools down. The oxygen in the atmosphere will react with molten metal. I shielding gas is required to prevent oxidation and flaws in the weld. At TNN Engineering we provide a wide range of welding services to Brisbane and its surrounds.

Steel will expand and contract due to heating and cooling. The welding process will cause distortion and stresses in the components due to the heat produced during welding. This distortion needs to be carefully managed to ensure the component maintains the required shape and tolerances. Distortion will cause straight faces and edges to curve and bend. Circular items may distort and become egg or oval shaped. This is an issue when construction circular concrete forms. We have experience in managing weld distortion and can produce welded fabrications that conform to demanding specifications.

We are also set up to weld with silicone bronze filler wire. This is useful for welding galvanised steel and for creating bronze wear pads that are directly fused to steel components.

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