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Metal fabrication is the process that takes care of cutting, joining and working with metal to create something valuable. Tools, equipment, and appliances are a blessing, and most are created through metal fabrication.  It’s a fascinating process that uses various techniques to create complex structures, products and tools. If you’re looking for metal fabrication services […]
If you’re trying to understand the difference between TIG and MIG welding, you’re in the right place.  Welding is a fabrication process that involves the joining of two separate pieces of materials under the application of heat. Depending on the specifications of the process, you may decide to use different welding techniques to produce your […]
Threading a workpiece is an integral aspect of the metalworking process and, thus, of just about any industry requiring any type of manufacturing.  The critical difference between thread milling and tapping is that thread milling creates a more even, smooth thread on the workpiece, while tapping can be somewhat jagged and rough.    This article […]
In the building and industrial industries, custom metal is one of the most sought after sorts of raw material. Metal fabrication is required when something needs to be created of metal, yet it can be as simple as using an arc welder and a portable cutting torch. Custom metal fabrication is what you require when […]
TNN does not Galvanise. We can outsource and project manage your Galvanising needs as a part of our other services. When your steel is hot dipped and galvanised, there is a protective layer of zinc added to the steel. Once this is done there is no need for any other spray or paint on the […]
The formwork engineering industry has developed rapidly with the advancement of modern technology. Today plans and designs of things like manhole formwork are created with a computer, which has improved the speed of construction, effectiveness, and safety and has significantly reduced the costs.  In addition, the building materials used today are much more sturdy and […]
Custom gear cutting is the process of machining or manufacturing gears specific to your unique requirements. Gears are essential elements of mechanical power transmission, and their precise manufacture required the development of intelligent tools and techniques. The gearbox is essential for transferring rotary motion and power from one component to another and is often used […]
Concrete formwork is the term used to design and make a temporary shape into which concrete is poured and molded for the construction of concrete manholes amongst other applications. Conventional formwork is made of wood but can also be steel, fiberglass-reinforced plastics, and other materials. Formwork is an essential part of concrete construction. It must […]
CNC milling machines are extremely valuable tools in both commercial and industrial operations. The aerospace sector, the medical business, and the electronics industry can all profit from using a CNC milling machine, but how do these machines work, and what makes them special? CNC milling is the abbreviation for Computer Numerical Control milling. This means […]
Intricate designs can be cut into sheet metal using hand and home improvement tools. But it is very laborious and difficult on your hands. With a metal laser cutter, complex designs may be quickly and easily cut and carved out of metal. Best of all, you can accurately reproduce the same product over and over […]
TNN Engineering in Brisbane makes quality manhole forms. What sets our concrete manhole moulds apart are our: Laser cut ribs Very neat and tidy finish Tapered keys making it easy to strip Mounting points for easy stacking of multiple moulds 1 tonne lifting points which can easily be folded out of the way For more […]
What we have here at TNN, this a really heavy duty precast concrete mould. It is called a Culvert mould. This is designed to last for years and years of use, day in and day out. You can see the heavy construction, we have used laser cut profiles, there’s some heavy duty hinges on the […]
My name is Tin, Director here at TNN engineering. We are 17 people at the moment, and we’re growing. The business has been going for over 25 years. We are a family business started by my father, myself and my brother. My wife and I work here, so it’s a very family orientated business. What […]
This is an example of a component made out of a high grade, high tensile material which is somewhat difficult to tap. We have had issues in the past about getting a good surface-finish. There are key differences between thread-milling and normal tapping. Tapping, it’s like a screw thread with teeth in it. We just […]
We are going to have a bit of a chat about 3D Printing, the different materials that you can use and the different options that are available. This little product here, which was originally machined out of Nylon or Acetyl, and CNC Machined with a little Circlip to retain it in place. The purpose of […]
We had a customer come to us with a problem that they were trying to solve for their client. This was to do with positioning an item very accurately on an existing piece of equipment. We suggested we design something up on our CAD systems and then print the item in 3D so we can […]
TNN Engineering was established in 1994 and has grown considerably from humble beginnings.  The business was started with one small lathe which is still regularly used.  Today TNN boasts a large fleet of modern CNC machining including the latest multi-tasking CNC machines. During the past decade, we have seen many changes to the manufacturing industry […]
Did you know that TNN Engineering has been making concrete moulds and forms for over 10 years? We recently have had increased demand for concrete forms for onsite pouring and setting. Our most popular sizes have been 900 dia inside x 1200 dia outside x 1500 high 1200 dia inside x 1500 dia outside x […]
At TNN we’ve recently installed 30kw of solar panels. We believe in the power of green energy, in staying ahead of the trends and leading in innovation. Here they are on the roof of our warehouse. There is an endless list of benefits in going green with solar energy, mainly reducing your carbon footprint and […]
There has been a lot of news in the media about the large investment boom and how we are reaching the peak of capital spending. This should mean that there would be a lot of work and activity in the market place. However, a lot of business are experiencing very patchy conditions and are struggling […]
TNN Engineering provides a service of welding bronze to steel. We use a MIG (GMAW) process to deposit welds onto steel or bronze parts. This process is particularly useful for adding bronze bearing surfaces to steel components. A pad of bronzes is welded to the steel part and then machined back to the required shape. […]
TNN Engineering has added another CNC Lathe to our fleet of machine tools. We have owned and operated CNC machining from Japan, Korea and Taiwan. For our newest machine, we have decided to purchase another Hyundai machine. Our first ever CNC lathe was a Hyundai from Korea and it is still in service today.  You […]
Reverse engineering at TNN Engineering is a process of making a new part from an existing part. Sometimes this existing part may be worn, broken or bent. By consulting with our customers and by understanding the intended function and purpose of the part, we are able to create a new part with the same or improved functionality. […]
At TNN Engineering, we are genuinely excited about the projects clients bring to us. We recently struck gold in terms of dream clients when Dynamoto came to us with some very exciting designs! So how did we help? We helped with the prototype manufacturing for Dynamoto’s innovative design by: Assisting with prototype production of machined […]
TNN Engineering has developed and manufactured a tool which hopes to revolutionise the way in which 1KD engines are tested. The 1KD engine to those unfamiliar with the product, is a 3.0 litre D4D diesel engine most commonly found in many Toyota vehicles such as the Hilux, Prado and the Hiace. Traditionally, testing the compression […]

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