TNN Engineering Develops 1KD Compression Testing Tool

1kd Compression Testing Tool

TNN Engineering has developed and manufactured a tool which hopes to revolutionise the way in which 1KD engines are tested.

The 1KD engine to those unfamiliar with the product, is a 3.0 litre D4D diesel engine most commonly found in many Toyota vehicles such as the Hilux, Prado and the Hiace. Traditionally, testing the compression of these motors is a timely and finicky pursuit involving attaching the tester to the glow plug port on each cylinder. Accessing this port requires the removal of the injector pipes which takes several hours and a highly attentive, conscientious mechanic to complete the task. Understandably, this means that for many owners of this product, testing of the engine is seldom done unless the pipes require removal for another reason.

Enter TNN Engineering’s newly developed Compression Testing Tool: simply connect it to the injector port of the 1KD engine. This is an easier, and considerably quicker point of access that turns a job spanning several hours into a quick and easy 30 minute task.

As you can see in the accompanying images, the tool is the shape of an injector with a glow plug port attached at the top to accept the compression testing tool. TNN Engineering used CNC machining and then sent the tool away for a Nitriding process which produces an attractive black corrosion resistant finish.

The compression testing tool produces considerable savings that easily justify the cost of the tool, and improves the quality of your 1KD engine. It’s a win-win.

TNN Engineering developed this product for a customer, but will now be available for purchase at TNN Engineering. Ask us more about it.

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