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The below is a compilation of metals, commonly used in day to day engineering applications. This provides a basic knowledge of metal properties and general uses.  It is always advisable to seek detailed information from the metal supplier before making a selection:

DesignationDescription and UsesEquivalent grades
2011Strong alloy offering excellent machinability for the manufacture of machine components and suitable for high speed repetition machining. Not recommended for anodising
5005General purpose alloy for sheet metal work. Can be welded
5083High strength alloy used in transport, marine and structural applications
6060 & 6063 The most commonly used extrusion alloy. Used for all architectural applications, light duty structural framework. Can also be chemically brightened for moulds and trims
6061 & 6351Structural application where strength and corrosion resistance is needed. Transport applications.
6262Machining alloy with good anodising characteristics.
7075This alloy offers excellent machinability combined with outstanding wear resistance and excellent polish-ability.
Brass and Bronze
LG2Leaded gunmetal Bronze, excellent machinability used in bushings, bearings, pump/valve bodies, Also available in hollow bar.
PB1 & PBC2CPhosphor Bronze, very good corrosion resistance and good toughness. Used in gears, bearings and bushes
C38510 or 385Free machining Brass used for repetition machining, high speed turning and threading.
Bright Mild Steels
1020Cold finished mild steel for machined parts or shafting, can be case hardened and welds readily.DIN 1.0402, C22, 050820, CC20, 1450
1030Medium tensile steel for shafts and medium stressed parts, can be welded if precautions are taken.
12L14The addition of lead to this steel gives increased machinability, without marked effect on the mechanical properties. Fore use in automatic and semi-automatic machines for repetition parts.DIN 1.0737, 11SMnPb 37, S300Pb, 1926
Carbon Steel
1045 or K1045A fully killed medium carbon steel, suitable for medium stressed parts in machinery and industrial tools. Can be flame or induction hardened. Can not be nitridedDIN 1.0503, C45, 080M46, CC45, 1650
1010Soft ductile, easily welded grade, case hardenable. Mainly used in general fabrication.DIN1.1121, Ck 10 (C10E), 045 M 10, XC 10, S 10 C, 1265
Carbon Hollow Bar
20MnV6 & E470Improved carbon steel grade, universally used to reduce machining time, good weld-ability and can be case hardened
Case Hardening Steels
EN-36ACase hardening chromium-nickel steel for application requiring high toughness and core strength, particularly in large cross sections. Suitable for highly stressed parts, gearwheels and crankshafts.
Tool Steels
D2 or K110Dimensionally stable, high carbon, high chrome featuring excellent toughness. Can be air hardened or bath nitrided. Suitable for heavy duty cutting tools, blanking and punching tools. DIN 1.2379, X155CrMoV121, BD2, Z160CDV12, 2310
M200Suitable for plastic moulds and holder blocks for the plastic processing, die casting industries and components for general mechanical engineering. Can be case and flame hardened, gas nitrided and chromium plated.
High Tensile
4140Suitable for applications requiring high strenght and good toughness, particularly in medium to large cross-sections, medium to high stressed parts, can be flame or induction hardened or nitrided. DIN 1.7225, 42CrMo4, 708M40, 42CD4, SCM440, 2244
4340For applications requiring high strength and toughness. Molybdenum addition prevents temper brittleness. general engineering, automotive and aircraft applications, can be flame, induction hardened or nitrided. DIN 1.6582, 35CrNiMo6, 817M40, 35NCD6, 2541
Key Steel
1026 & 1030It is manufactured to close tolerances and used extensively in the manufacture of keys for shafts.
Silver Steel
AISI 01Accurately ground round bar that is used for a variety of applications such as shafts, pins, etc. Oil/water hardenable.
Stainless Steel
303Free cutting steel for components subjected to corrosion in mechanical and plant engineering, mass produced items such as screws, bolts and nuts. Cannot be thermally hardened.DIN 1.4305, X12CrNiS18 8, 303S21, Z10CNF18.09, SUS303, 2346
304General purpose austenitic stainless steel. Frequently used where welding without subsequent heat treatment is involved. Cannot be thermally hardened.DIN 1.4306, X2CrNi19-11, 304S31, Z6CN18.09, SUS304, 2332
316Marine grade offering good corrosion resistance used in food processing, chemical, fishing, hospital and brewery equipment. Cannot be thermally hardened.DIN 1.4401, X5CrNiMo17-12-2, 316S16, Z6CND17.11, SUS316, 2347
316LThe same as 316 with improved weld-ability and machinability. Cannot be thermally hardened.DIN 1.4435, X2CrNiMo18-14-3, 316S13, Z2CND17.12, SCS16, 2353

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