Recruitment At TNN Engineering

My name is Tin, Director here at TNN engineering. We are 17 people at the moment, and we’re growing. The business has been going for over 25 years. We are a family business started by my father, myself and my brother. My wife and I work here, so it’s a very family orientated business.

What does TNN engineering do?

So we do CNC Machining & Fabrication. We also manufacture our own four drive accessories, the K-on brand. We are very fortunate that we have all the toys here, so we could be making a very simple pin or we could potentially be making a part that could go on a rocket and goes to the moon, very exciting stuff!

What do you look for in new employees?

We like to employ people who firstly, have the right attitude as well as show a bit of interest in being able to make things work with their hands. People that enjoy seeing that progression from creation to the final product. The right attitude, people who have a bit of resilience, persistence, and see problems not as problems, but as challenges and ways to move forward.

What is the work culture at TNN Engineering?

People are very willing to learn and share. It’s not just about work, it’s about their progression in life as well.

So we have a few people here that have their own businesses. They have been inspired by what we do, and we encourage them. We give them the skills. There is someone doing Ninja Grips, there is someone doing motorcycle parts. There’s another person doing fire pits as a little side business.

We’ve got several people with 3D printers they’ve never considered it before, and we are helping them along. It’s cool to be a part of that.

What is the future of the manufacturing industry?

So we are really excited about the future of manufacturing. It’s not the old, archaic sort of manufacturing that people might think of, it’s technology, it’s software, it’s 3D-cad, its 3D-scanning, 3D- printing, it’s multi-axis machining, it’s being able to make components that will go into rockets.

It’s a way to help people on ventilators, medical equipment. The way we make things nowadays has totally changed. It actually takes a lot of skills and a lot of experience. It’s something that we need to master, and it’s something to be proud of. We want to make sure that people realise that this career is not your typical Blue-Collar career. It isn’t.

And there is just as much chance for anybody in Australia to be just as good, if not better, than anyone else in the world. That is why we are really excited about manufacturing.

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