Reverse Engineering of Laser Cutter Part

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Reverse engineering at TNN Engineering is a process of making a new part from an existing part. Sometimes this existing part may be worn, broken or bent. By consulting with our customers and by understanding the intended function and purpose of the part, we are able to create a new part with the same or improved functionality.

A recent example of an improved outcome was a laser cutting and folding part. The original part was made from Aluminium and had a large fine pitch thread which had seized onto the nozzle assembly worth over $10,000. We repaired the thread and made up new nozzle covers from brass to reduce the chance of damaging the thread in future.

Other applications of this service include:

  • replication of parts that are no longer available from the original manufacturer
  • replacement of worn or damaged parts e.g. shafts, bushes
  • creation of parts that require improvements such as
    • increased strength
    • better corrosion resistance
    • lighter weight
    • extra features, i.e. holes, keys, threads
    • markings and engraving
  • Creation of parts that require differently sized features to accommodate other worn or different parts.

We have also recently provided replacement parts for a lathe and a plate rolling machine. In both cases, these were done urgently for minimal disruption to our clients’ production.

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