What Is A CNC Milling Machine?

what is a cnc milling machine

CNC milling machines are extremely valuable tools in both commercial and industrial operations. The aerospace sector, the medical business, and the electronics industry can all profit from using a CNC milling machine, but how do these machines work, and what makes them special?

CNC milling is the abbreviation for Computer Numerical Control milling. This means that, rather than being handled and monitored by hand, the milling machine is moved and monitored by numerical computer control. CNC milling equipment uses amazing precision to accomplish a machining procedure like drilling and cutting items, leaving no space for human error.

How do CNC milling machines work?

A CNC milling machine turns the material into a mechanical part by moving a spinning cylindrical cutter along many axes and creating slots, holes, and features. Most machines have three to five axes, allowing for greater precision and intricacy. Both horizontal and vertical machining centers are built into modern CNC milling machines. 

Plastics, ceramics, and composite materials, in addition to metals, can be used to make components. Automatic tool changers, tool carousels and magazines, cooling systems, and enclosures are among the technical characteristics that keep machines functioning smoothly without the need for human intervention.

What are the different types of CNC milling machines?

The final product is significantly influenced by the orientation of a CNC milling machine. A vertical mill is a relatively common form of milling machine, and it simply means that the mill’s spindle axis is vertical. Cutting tools on vertical CNC milling machines are typically long and thin, but cutting tools on horizontal CNC milling machines are shorter and thicker.

Horizontal mills are less adaptable and are usually better suited to long material work, such as cutting gears or machining axles.

Turret mills cut vertically, with no moving spindle, and a table that adjusts parallel and perpendicular to accomplish the task. CNC Turret milling machines are most effective when kept small; thus, they’re great for detailed work like making pieces for toys and plaques.

Turret milling machines are similar to CNC Bed Mills. Nonetheless, because their lower table only adjusts perpendicularly to execute the cutting, they can be larger than the Turret because their frame is more sturdy. Bed mills are ideal for milling parts for mid-sized electronics that Turret mills couldn’t handle because of their larger construction.

How does a CNC milling machine benefit business?

Computer Numerical Control milling, as previously said, is extremely exact. Small mills, like the Turret, can be programmed to carry out difficult tasks like cutting sophisticated medical machine parts with minimal human intervention. All parts will be uniform, resulting in a consistent batch of products and fewer mistakes to pay for in commercial or industrial settings. Standard milling machines are prone to human mistakes and inaccuracy since they are operated by hand.

A CNC milling machine can be expensive to buy at first, that is why it is best to seek the help of TNN Engineering for an economical solution. CNC milling is also faster than 3D printing. It can work with a wider range of materials, so aerospace firms, electronics factories, and medical companies can make all use of CNC milling in their respective sectors.

How to Cut Metals

Although there’s nothing wrong with an old-fashioned hacksaw, there are faster and easier ways to cut metal. We’ll show you how to use power tools to cut the most common types and thicknesses of metal that DIYers work with; however it is not advised to cut metals at home.

Learning to weld improves your DIY game, whether you want to create unique vehicles or mend a shattered lawn mower deck.

Note: Cutting metal is a risky business. When the cutting tool makes contact with the metal, hot, sharp bits are propelled into the air, potentially injuring or burning you. Wearing protective gear, such as safety glasses, a face shield, and ear protection, is essential in addition to following each tool’s safety guidelines (cutting metal can be loud enough to cause hearing loss if ears are unprotected).

Ditch the Abrasive Grinder Discs

All types of metal, including bolts, angle iron, rebar, and even sheet metal, can be cut with an angle grinder equipped with an abrasive metal-cutting disc. However, as you use the discs, they wear down quickly, cut slowly, and reduce in diameter. Instead, we recommend using a diamond blade with a ferrous metal cutting rating. These will last far longer than abrasive discs, cut faster and cleaner, and wear down much slower.

Cut Metal with Your Circular Saw

A circular saw with the correct blade is a terrific metal-cutting instrument, even if it isn’t the apparent pick. It sliced through rebar like a hot knife through butter in our tests, very dangerous and not advisable to be done at home, so hiring the expertise of a TNN engineer is advisable to ensure your safety.

A ferrous-metal-cutting blade can cut mild steel up to roughly 3/8 in. thick. However, be cautious! Metal chips will fly all over the place. Put on your protective gear, keep spectators at bay, and cover anything you don’t want to be coated with metal chips. 

There are two sorts of blades: steel-tooth blades, which are less expensive, and carbide-tooth blades, which are more expensive. Blades with carbide teeth are more expensive, but they endure longer. You don’t need such an expensive tool when you can hire a professional to handle your project.

Simple Score and Snap

Aluminum siding and flashing are routinely scored and snapped by siding contractors and roofers to generate straight, precise cuts. You may also use the same procedure on aluminum or any light-gauge sheet metal, including steel if you need a straight cut. With a sharp utility knife blade tip, clamp or hold a straightedge or square along the cutting markings and score a line. Then snap the sheet by bending it back and forth a few times. Metal studs can be cut with the same method. Snip the two sides together. Then, between the cuts, score a line and flex the stud to break it.

Cut Metal Lath and Mesh with a Grinder

Tin snips are used to cut metal lath and hardware cloth, but there’s a better alternative. Install a diamond blade in your angle grinder and cut the mesh with it like a saw. Although we advocate having our experts do this for you.

TNN Engineering, on the other hand, emerges as a metal cutting leader, delivering high-quality, efficiency, speed, and exceptional customer service to save you the risk of cutting metals at home, which may be quite harmful.

Our CNC metal cutting service now offers a wide choice of high-speed cutting machines that produce the most consistent and accurate cuts with the best cut quality. The best cutting method is usually determined by the material thickness, metal type, and shape. Don’t worry, we’ve got the right cutting option for you.

Why Leave the Cutting to Professionals?

We can assure that our customers are entirely satisfied with their laser cutting design using TNN Engineering’s exclusive cutting service. When it comes to precise laser cutting, quality is everything, and we feel our success is due to our highly educated employees and exclusive procedures. Our engineers are as trustworthy as they are experienced, and they can assist you in developing the ideal product for any purpose.

Any metal fabrication project necessitates the use of cutting-edge technologies. As a result, it’s preferable to leave the work to the professionals. Our professionals use strategies and methods to achieve precise cuts at speeds that ordinary cutting methods cannot match.


Cuts are usually exact when done by professionals. When it comes to completing complex cuts into intricate geometric patterns and making precise cuts and forms, they are nearly unrivaled. You may get clean edges and a smooth finish with precision cutting services.

Professional services not only assist in creating high-quality cuts, but they also help eliminate waste throughout production. This is because they complete the task correctly the first time, resulting in no wastage of materials.

Shorter Lead Times

Professionals are also noted for their ability to correctly cut metal at high speeds, even when working with thicker materials. While heavier materials take longer to finish, professionals may work on them in a short amount of time. They can assist in saving production time by reducing the time it takes to cut materials.


As mentioned, professionals always deliver such precise cuts. Using cutting-edge technology, they can create the same cuts as many times as necessary. This ensures consistency in each metal fabrication project. 

If you need to create multiple copies of the same product, professionals will produce the same quality. Each copy comes out exactly the same as the others.


When it comes to cutting materials of different types and thicknesses, you can be sure that professional cutters can deliver. Whether it’s a simple or complex structure that needs to be cut, they can get the job done easily. They can cut a wide variety of materials, including wood, glass, and metals.

At TNN Engineering, we do not advocate home owners cutting metals at home. This is a very dangerous practice that could cause damage to people’s health or things around your home.

To meet the laser cutting service needs of practically any business, TNN Engineering employs top-of-the-line laser machines. We provide laser cutting and engraving services for a wide range of materials, all of which are customised to your product’s needs. TNN Engineering is dedicated to offering great fabrications with unique laser cutting designs from prototype to production line.

For more information on our metal cutting services or any of our other metal fabrication services, contact us. You can rely on our cutting-edge technology to create unique cuts in a variety of materials with unrivaled precision.

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