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Plate rolling forms sheets and plates into circular shapes to form cylindrical components. The material is rolled through 3 or 4 rollers which pinches the plate and creates a continuous bend. The distance between the rollers determines the radius of the bend.

It is used to create large radius bends in plate and sheet. The formed plate can then be used to create large pipes and other cylindrical shapes. The rollers used to bend the plate need to be strong enough to resist deflections in the middle of the roller. The size of these rollers dictate how much “Green” or unbent material is left at the end of the plates. This green needs to be allowed for and is generally cut off after rolling.

At TNN, we can roll sheets up to 2m wide and 5mm thick. This allows us to roll skins for circular concrete formwork and manhole forms.

We also use this process to roll the reinforcing mesh that is used to create the final concrete structure. Rolling the sheets of pre-weld mesh is a much more efficient way to create the steel reinforcing structure which is placed within the concrete structure.

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