Engineering Plastics

Engineering Plastics

Engineering plastics have a wide range of applications in Australian industry and are used on water fronts, the food and beverage industry, engineering, farming and mining.

Plastic Machining Brisbane

We machine a range of Engineering Plastics in sheet, rod and tube which are sourced from our European Manufacturers.  Our plastic machining services include the following engineering plastics; Nylons, Acetal, UHMWPE, HDPE Polypropylene, PVC, PETP and PETP-GL and Polycarbonate.

Nylon is a versatile engineering plastic and comes in several types to suit particular applications. However, they all share the following properties which make it ideal for a range of applications which include:
Good machinability – turning and milling
High mechanical strength, hardness and stiffness
Good sliding and emergency running properties
High mechanical damping capacity
Very high fatigue and wear resistance
Below are the most common grades of Nylon used in engineering:
PA 6, PA 66 – These are extruded and commonly used under 50mm diameter for large repetition work
PA 6 G – Produced by the monomer casting process for even better strength and abrasion/wear resistance while having a low specific weight for improved balance and reduction of vibration. PA 6 G also has very good sliding properties and good damping capacity for the reduction of vibrations and noise.
PA 6 G + Oil – A modification of PA 6 G especially designed for sliding applications through the addition of oil, solid lubricants and stabilisers. PA 6 G + Oil also has exceptional wear resistance, lower moisture absorption and better dimensional stability.
Teflon PTFE

Most people are familiar with the magical non-stick properties of teflon when coated to cookware.  Teflon or PTFE has also been the product of choice or electrical insulation, chemical resistance and low friction for 50 years.

Available in sheet, rod and tube, the applications for PTFE include:
High temperature wear strips (up to 250 Cent.)
Electrical insulators.
Chemical resisting bushes and bearings.
Valve seat and plugs.
Pump components.

The following is a compilation of common plastics used in the Engineering industry for the manufacture/fabrication of components.  It is by no means a comprehensive list and as always it is best to seek the advice of the manufacturer for specific applications.

Thermoplastics soften to a flowable state when heated and hardened upon cooling.

Thermosetting plastics set or harden into a permanent shape and this is irreversible.

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