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Mild steels are general purpose engineering steels which are economical and easy to work with.
They are typically used for machined parts or shafts and can be case hardened and welds readily.

Mild steel plates, sections and flats are usually referred to as Grade 250 steel or 300 plus. Grade 250 (G250) steels are used for welded fabrications and can be easily machined to create precision components.  Steel plate can be laser cut and profile cut prior to machining. Mild steel also responds well to bending, rolling and forming making it a very popular material across a broad range of industries.

Engineering mild steels are often referred to as Bright Mild Steels (BMS). These are cold finished mild steel with a drawn, turned or polished finish. The smooth finish is ideal for machining however these steels are often available in a black or peeled finish.

M1020 is a very common and widely used engineering steel and is supplied in the cold drawn or turned and polished condition.  It offers excellent weldability, very good machinability with reasonable strength and very good ductility. Because of the low carbon content and alloying elements, 1020 does not respond to hardening or nitriding.  Case hardening is possible after carburising with case hardness of over 65 RC.

M1020 is a popular choice for shafts and pins and is available in most common imperial and metric sizes in a bright finish to h11 tolerance.


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