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About Profile Cutting

TNN Engineering provides a wide range of profile cutting services in their Brisbane machine shop.  Profile cutting involves cutting shapes into sheets and plates.  This is a quick and economical way to remove material and create shapes for fabricated assemblies and to prepare material for subsequent machining.

“Profile cutting generally refers to the cutting of thicker plate material where it is not as economical to laser cut.  As a rule of thumb, thickness greater than 20mm are profile cut. Profile cutting is predominately performed using a hot process such as Flame cutting or Plasma cutting.”

Flame cutting uses flammable gasses and an oxidizer (oxygen) to cut steel. This process can cut up to 300mm thick plate.

Plasma cutting uses an electrical plasma to generate the heat required to cut the material. High definition plasma cutters can rival the cut quality of lasers and can cut up to 50mm thick plate.  As well as cutting steel, plasma cutters can process aluminium and stainless steel.

Secondary processes can be performed during profile cutting, reducing setup times and part costs.  These processes include:
Weld preparations
Drilling and tapping of holes
Profiles can be cut from templates, sketches and drawings. Materials that can be cut include:
AS 3678-250 up to 300mm
AS 3678-350 up to 300mm
AS 3678-K1042 DURAX K1045 up to 160mm
Quenched & Tempered 80 (Bisalloy 80) up to 100mm
Quenched & Tempered 400/450 (Bisalloy 400) up to 100mm
Quenched & Tempered 500 (Bisalloy 500) up to 100mm
Floor plate (checker plate) up to 12mm
Other grades including Stainless steel and Aluminium

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